Tuesday, December 11, 2012

another day

another day
to shake the tree
to hold your tears back
to make someone smile
to pretend you're OK

another day
to believe in dreams
to stand up for others
to be honest and ridiculed

another day
to dig into diamond caves
to find treasures worthless to others
to seek what cannot be found
to find what others don’t even try

another day
to look at the fading humanity
to lower your guard
to fight arrogance
to conquer yourself

another day
to stare at the grey face of aging
to cherish life and fear death
to sense the pulse of the loved ones
to miss those who are gone


Lyrics and voice: Xhabir Deralla
Music: Sead Hadzic-Secko
Illustrations: Miroslav Stojanovic Shuki

From "malfunction" - book of poetry, music and visuals
Published by Shortcut Production, 2012
All rights reserved

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