Sunday, February 27, 2011


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Sunday, February 13, 2011


Dictators will stay in power as long as people are divided. Unite, before they crush you! This is a thought that I want to elaborate more comprehensively, but tonight, I will give it a more trivial dimension. I wrote this on the second day after the inter-ethnic and interreligious quarrels rose again in Macedonia. I will return to my original thought of the beginning of this note, some other time, and will be more responsible to its real weight. Here, I will just use it to begin a note about Crusaders and Saracens in Skopje in the 21st century.

Well, it all started with the government’s "next step" of the “Skopje 2014” project (worth 200 million euro or more) in the face of the so-called museum church on the Kale of Skopje. (The church alone is worth 1.7 million euro.) The leading political party of the Albanians (DUI), otherwise a coalition party in the government, argued against it. The leading Macedonian part of the government decided to freeze the project. For the time being...

The dispute started over night, literally. Actually, the government carried on building the church over night, secretly, despite its promise that the project will stop. Can you imagine? Government sneaks like a thief (over night) to a construction site to continue building a church! A crowd of angry Albanians, led by high DUI officials crumbled the construction down on Thursday night. Great! Of all issues that torment all citizens (including Albanians) in the country, these politicians picked a religious one. The Pride-Minister knows where to strike…

Yes! It was a great, sacred night. “Religion-driven” quest against “religion-driven” Pride-Minister, who probably believes he’s a conquistador or something... Crusaders and Saracens, Skopje, 21st century. Bizarre!

It caused a wave of ethnic tensions, of course. Nationalist-idiotic journalists, editors, and politicians enjoy the games again. The nationalist rhetoric, the entire arsenal, didn’t bring any new, neither less filth. Moreover, the latest incident is both inter-ethnic and interreligious. Politicians, both those in power and in opposition must be very happy with this. The more distraction from government’s wrongdoings and opposition’s incapability to offer real solutions, the better… And, people bought it, as usual…

Unemployment, poverty, international isolation, crime, corruption, violation of human rights, dictatorial behavior of those in power – will continue growing, as long as ethnic divisions and tensions exist. Those responsible of people’s troubles will get away with it, and people will hate each other for being different. Again…

That’s where I connected my thought at the beginning with these events: As long as politicians manage to divide people over this and such issues, they – the people – will be unable to unite against little-big wannabe dictators. Meanwhile, Crusaders and Saracens will fight a war of the past that will cost us the future. And, will turn this ugly city into even uglier village.

Um, wannabe dictators… I like this one.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

That Peculiar Friend

Insomnia, that peculiar friend…
Doesn’t come, doesn’t leave

Like drops of heavy oil,
minutes are sliding down the walls of time
getting nowhere
Time is longer and thicker over night, I discover
Thoughts are drilling harder, too, self-coerced

Seeking for attributes does not complete the picture
The night remains a blank page, calm, yet disturbing
So impersonal and cold, inevitable
Quintessence of loneliness

Waiting for the skies to turn grey
Defrost the pendulum
And harbor another morning

Yet, nightmares won’t leave
And another night will come, I know
Take me back to my peculiar friend
To hold my hand and wrap up my brain

© Xh.D. 2011