Saturday, April 12, 2014


sitting at a corner cafe
watching my baby sleeping and
sipping my espresso stretto and
playing with my new gadget toy
throwing pieces of my mind on
the touch screen and all around

the October sun is like the snow
covering ugliness
makes me see only beautiful things
the music from the bar is crappy and
youngsters at the terrace are dull
but I feel so happy
just looking at my baby's face
feeling the sun chasing darkness away

it was a good idea, this walk on Sunday afternoon
we should do this every day
we should tell everyone in the world
this is great, this is cool

I know, the Monday alarm will knock in my head
already in less than sixteen hours
will make me set aside this warm and
simple human moment
to struggle with minutes and seconds
in the machine of labor

yet, it’s in about 16 hours
way enough time for me to tell the world
that the October sun is a great thing and
the world is more or less fine and
one shouldn’t care much, at least at this moment
while the sun is still up in the sky and
there is still a sip of coffee in my cup

Xhabir Deralla
from "malfunction" (copyright 2012)

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