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The Book
“Apocalypse” by Xhabir Memedi Deralla is a book of poetry and photographs, published by Shortcut Production in association with Cultural Institution Blesok, in April 2011.
The book contains 45 poems in English and 19 images. Editor of this book is Wendy Hassler-Forest, Project Manager at the Musicians without Borders.
The book is divided in several chapters, all depicting the dark reality of the present and even darker future. Political poems present the Author’s view on human rights and freedoms situation in the country and the world. Some poems describe the vicious life in the city, taking you to the world of bars, sex, alcohol and the urge for self-destruction. Many poems tell the story of the eternal questions of existence and meaning of life.
“Dark and seductive, sometimes pessimist but mostly rebellious” – the editor Hassler-Forest commented on the author’s poems at one occasion.
“Their reality is painful at moments, but essential, as well. Like a doctor who has to tell the diagnose to the patient, sentences line one after another, always personal – never general or neutral, sentences that carry the flag of truth in the revolution of mind” – writes Miroslav Stojanović-Šuki[1], painter and multimedia artist (full article:

The Launch

The book launch took place on April 27, at Menada Club (Skopje Old Town).
The program included an exclusive stage performance of the prominent rock band Mooger Fooger and the Author. Most of the lyrics of Mooger Fooger’s new album (to be released earliest in September) are from Deralla's “Apocalypse”.

Soon: exclusive video of the performance of Mooger Fooger and Xhabir M. Deralla

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[1] Miroslav Stojanović-Šuki authored 20 artworks in combined techniques (project: Print on Black - No Good Will Come of This), inspired by Deralla's poems.

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