Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Deafening Whisper

Where do you think you will go from here?

You raped my mother
And shot her after your fellows followed you
Then you turned to my father and me
Handcuffed in the corner of the room
Shot us in the head and left

I will find you

When you try making love to your woman
I will sit on the couch and watch you, covered in blood
Post-traumatic disorder you will call me
You’ll try to chase me off with booze and pills, but
The deafening whisper will stay in your head

Where do you think you will go from here?
I will find you and stay with you forever
To the end of your days
Beyond death, I will be with you

I will be there, in the mirror, when you shave
At the bottom of the bottle my eyes will shine
I will hold your hand when you sleep
Knock on the door in the long silent nights
When you sit in your little backyard
You will see my shape in the shadows of your children

Xhabir M. Deralla
from "Apocalypse" (copyright Xhabir M. Deralla, 2011)

Listen to the poem HERE; music by Mooger Fooger 
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