Thursday, January 27, 2011


April 11, 1970
USA, Apollo 13 moon flight is launched…
Swigert (Apollo 13): “Okay, Houston, we've had a problem here.”
Duke (Houston control tower): “This is Houston. Say again please.”
Lovell (Apollo 13): “Houston, we've had a problem. We've had a main B bus undervolt.”

Midnight, January 26, 2011
Macedonia, timeless…
“Houston, we have a problem!” echoes in my mind. Ever since the fatal error on the tiny spaceship Apollo 13, this phrase is used to symbolize a failure. I would add one more meaning to it. It is to call off the totally exaggerated, tasteless and bizarre behavior of the political elites of this country. “Houston, we have a problem! Houston, we have a problem! Ilindenska BB (postal address of the government’s building), we have a problem!” I repeat myself very often lately.
In the summer, I wear the T-shirt with this phrase, a present from my friend Wendy. I’m thinking, maybe we should print a couple of million of these T-shirts and get on the Ilindenska BB street. Maybe they will understand… ‘Cause we’re in trouble, really. Like the Apollo 13 crew, we are in trouble, not the crew in the control tower – that’s our sad case. And Apollow 13’s.
I’m often struck and shake my head in disbelief when I watch the news. I’m amazed by many of those who make the news, as well. Day in day out, people running the system cause long-lasting damages, often undermining basic logic, leaving you speechless. And, get away with it. And, get away with it rich (financially).
No good… All this is no good to anyone, except to few obedient servants of the ruling clique. This impaired society never stood a chance before the belligerence of the party herd and political illiteracy. It never generated defense mechanisms against sickening ambitions to rule and to gain profits from that rule. Whilst people count their worthless days of bare survival.
Well, we have to admit that political elites managed to unite people more than all civil society organizations together. They united people through rampant robbery of their dignity. Although primitive and translucent, their methods managed to impose incredible levels of control. Decisions often border with insanity, the rest are just stupid.
United in the mud, people started moving. Hungry and repeatedly cheated, seems that they started realizing that rulers are those who cause their misery, not the ones on the other side of the imaginary fences called ethnic, religious (whatever) backgrounds. I hope they will continue uniting, disregarding differences that don’t matter when it comes to justice, liberties and equality.
People… Hungry, tired of humiliation people… I hope they – we all – will soon dress up our minds in an angry T-shirt shouting “Houston, we have a problem!” And, tear the control tower down.

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